Sirens List

Chelo Alonso photoCHELO ALONSO
After being Queen of the Folies Bergères, this cuban beauty became Queen of the Sword & Sandal genre.

Ursula Andress photoURSULA ANDRESS
The very first Bond Girl and still rightfully considered the ultimate one, now 40 years later!

Asia Argento photoASIA ARGENTO
Our youngest guest, member of our first ever mother-daughter duo!

Angela Bassett photoANGELA BASSETT
One of Hollywood's best kept secret, a remarkable actress that we'd like to see more of on a constant basis.

Stephanie Beacham photoSTEPHANIE BEACHAM
An unforgettable presence for only one role as Jessica Van Helsing for legendary Hammer Studios.

Halle Berry photoHALLE BERRY
One of the newest Bond Girl and the only Oscar winner (to date!) on this distinguished list.

Martine Beswicke photoMARTINE BESWICKE
One of the rare lucky ones to have been a Bond Girl at two different times.

Florinda Bolkan photoFLORINDA BOLKAN
One of the most gifted acting talent in this page, who held her own in a wide variety of productions.

Claudia Cardinale photoCLAUDIA CARDINALE
Yes, she used to be my imaginary big sister when I was young... can you blame me for that choice???

Dany Carrel photoDANY CARREL
One of our favorite sexy pixie of European cinema of the '50s and '60s.

Tia Carrere photoTIA CARRERE
After many B and Hollywood movies, became a television star in her own series.

Lynda Carter photoLYNDA CARTER
Changed the face of television in the '70s (not counting the face of many young admirers that heated up).

Maggie Cheung photoMAGGIE CHEUNG
My favorite actress of these last few years, amazingly versatile... and beautiful.

Hazel Court photoHAZEL COURT
One of our rare redheads, this Englishwoman could vary her range from charm to perfidity in an eyeblink.

Yvonne Craig photoYVONNE CRAIG
Another Cult figure from the swinging sixties, this pixie-like beauty was TV's Batgirl.

Sybil Danning photoSYBIL DANNING
One of the greatest legend of all femmes fatales of the screen, let's welcome the immortal B-movie Queen of the 80s!

One of the very great French sex kitten of the 50s and 60s, Mylène is still considered an icon of European cinema

Former Miss Sweden and great pin-up of the fifties, one of the indisputed party girl of her era!

Elvira photoELVIRA
Spectacular TV horror hostess and wise businesswoman, proof that such a mix can be successful.

Edwige Fenech photoEDWIGE FENECH
Hubba hubba! All good Euro-trash lovers' favorite fiancee and one of the most beautiful actress of all time!

Laura Gemser photoLAURA GEMSER
You really want me to believe that you don't know Black Emmanuelle?

Pam Grier photoPAM GRIER
One of the last of a dying breed, who can mix beauty and talent in any kind of project.

Linda Harrison photoLINDA HARRISON
Cult status for only one role, Nova in the immortal classic Planet of the Apes.

Allison Hayes photoALLISON HAYES
The ultimate femme fatale, immortalized in Attack of the 50-Ft Woman.

Kelly Hu photoKELLY HU
A former Miss Teen USA winner, this beauty is now turning into our brand new female action superstar.

Famke Janssen photoFAMKE JANSSEN
Working her way to become a classic Cult Siren... and what a nose!

Claudia Jennings photoCLAUDIA JENNINGS
The ultimate Queen of the Drive-Ins of the seventies and one of the most adored Playmate ever.

Big-eyed Carolyn Jones will mainly be remembered for playing the immortal Morticia Addams.

Meiko Kaji photoMEIKO KAJI
If this site was created for one woman who embodies the term Cult Sirens, this is she...

Nancy Kovack photoNANCY KOVACK
A short career that nonetheless resulted in memorable roles in TV series and film work. All hail High Priestess Medea!

Elsa Lanchester photoELSA LANCHESTER
Played perhaps the ultimate female monster... the Bride of Frankenstein.

Bai Ling photoBAI LING
A charming actress who faced adversity to finally build a credible career in many different genres.

BarBara Luna photoBARBARA LUNA
A stunning performer who looks like she can handle any kind of project... and actually does it!

Marisa Mell photoMARISA MELL
Another European B-movie deity, unforgettable partner of Diabolik.

Miou-Miou photoMIOU-MIOU
My favorite actress of all time? The reason why these pages have seen the day?

Soledad Miranda photoSOLEDAD MIRANDA
Exceptional performer in an handful of extraordinay cult movies.

Kumi Mizuno photoKUMI MIZUNO
A gorgeous face that once challenged Godzilla himself... a thirty-year plus love affair.

Caroline Munro photoCAROLINE MUNRO
A favorite starlet of the '70s, who played along with Vincent Price, James Bond and Sinbad.

Rosalba Neri photoROSALBA NERI
You can't go wrong in choosing her to be your favorite Euro-Cult movie fiancee...

Julie Newmar photoJULIE NEWMAR
The ultimate Catwoman and a fascinating Fountain of Youth.

Daria Nicolodi photoDARIA NICOLODI
Always a mysterious presence in her movies, particularly those made by her ex-hubby, Dario Argento.

Michiko Nishiwaki photoMICHIKO NISHIWAKI
A stuntwoman here in our pages? Not a long stretch for this most fascinating performer.

France Nuyen photoFRANCE NUYEN
Sometimes seemingly impassive, but always an unforgettable presence.

Bettie Page photoBETTIE PAGE
The ultimate Queen of the Pin-Ups rightfully takes her place alongside our Sirens.

Tanya Roberts photoTANYA ROBERTS
This author's favorite Siren? A 20-year obsession? You tell me!

Tura Satana photoTURA SATANA
As well known for a single role as others are for many, for Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

Elke Sommer photoELKE SOMMER
Too often seen as dumb blondes, she worked all over the world... and speaks seven different languages.

Talisa Soto photoTALISA SOTO
Another one of our Bond Girls, and a Latina, at that. Who could ever forget her starring role in Vampirella?

Barbara Steele photoBARBARA STEELE
The High Goddess of all assembled here, on your knees before La Steele!

Brinke Stevens photoBRINKE STEVENS
A most respected Siren of the '80s and the perfect symbol of a modern actress involved in B-movies.

Julie Strain photoJULIE STRAIN
She's looking at you from her 6'1"! Another unforgettable figure of recent low-budget films.

Naomi Tani photoNAOMI TANI
The Queen of Japanese bondage films! What can we say more, exactly?

Vampira photoVAMPIRA
TV's first horror hostess, she survived Ed Wood's most notorious production.

Mamie Van Doren photoMAMIE VAN DOREN
At an age when she should be making strawberry jam and needlepoint, she still plays the vamp.

Sigourney Weaver photoSIGOURNEY WEAVER
One of our thoughest inductees, whose main claim to fame is portraying the ultimate female action heroine in the immortal Alien film series.

Raquel Welch photoRAQUEL WELCH
Gaaah! What to say? Another perfect example that these Sirens don't age at the same pace as us? Remember the Picture of Dorian Grey...

We are very pleased to welcome our first transsexual performer, one of the High Priestess of European erotica, the unforgettable Ajita Wilson!

Fay Wray photoFAY WRAY
Ladies and gentlemen, meet the person that could well be the greatest Scream Queen of all time!


Michelle Yeoh photoMICHELLE YEOH
Mixing elegance and beauty, here's one Siren who can kick the butt of all assembled here.